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Yesterday I sat in on a free “Best Practices of Social Media Marketing” webinar put on by an “Social Media” agency. I know, I know…but it was free and was curious to hear what a “Social Media” expert I follow on Twitter had to say. So I figured why not. 

The SM guru kinda rehashed basic stuff that everyone and their grandmother (like Mari Smith) have said about the Facebook:  1. Set Community Expectations, 2. Cohesive Branding. 3. Be Up To Date, 4. Authenticity, 5. It’s a Two-way Dialogue, 6. Enable P2P Interaction, 7. Foster User Advocacy, 8. Solicit Call To Action. Snore. Nothing new and he lost some credibility with me.

The agency slyly pitched their social gaming/FB Credits POV & expertise while smartly sharing basic stats and “case studies” of what they can do. Fine.

But they both FELL DOWN and LOST ANY CREDIBILITY when one of the first Q&As was “How do you value your social media efforts with your other marketing efforts?” The obvious expected question. Queue the tap dancing??? Amazingly they hemmed and hawed about the value of “engagement” and real conversation with consumers BUT THEY NEVER ANSWERED THE QUESTION. 

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I’m not entirely sold that News+ follows through on its lofty goal of creating a product that’s not “not a printed newspaper and not the web, [but] a third product that picks up where the print newspaper leaves off”—it just looks too … familiar, albeit beautifully so—but these guys are definitely speaking my language.  Here are two intriguing ideas behind the concept, from the designer’s press release:

What consumers buy is a social identity marker rather than the latest news, which can be found already for free on the Internet, he says.

“We believe people are sick of the noise of the net. News+ is a digital product that takes editing seriously, it’s not a competitor to the Internet.”

Two lingering questions for me: How much does the daily app cost? Since it’s a platform they’re selling, I’m assuming they leave that up to the publisher. Which leads me to my next question: How much does it cost to adopt Bonnier’s platform?

I wonder if anyone at the Daily is paying attention. 


News+ concept live from Bonnier (by Bonnier)

 News+ could be an interesting newspaper iPad app. However the big question is can they build and sustain a working business entity with given the overhead needed to operate versus the potential revenue via subscriptions and advertising?

Especially when all the cool photography, videos, articles, opinion pieces, etc. is available FREE everywhere and there are “curated” news on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. on my iPad already. Given consumer reaction to existing pay walls as analyzed by Clay Shirky, anything but a niche iPad “publication” is suspect. 

That said, News+ LOOKS beautiful. It’s viability is suspect. 

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Ha Ha.

Ha Ha.

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Imma starting to feel like this panda. Come on Tumblr. 

Imma starting to feel like this panda. Come on Tumblr. 

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There’s too much stuff. It seems to me that almost all tools we rely on to manage information weren’t designed for a world of infinite info. They were designed as if you could consume whatever was out there that you were interested in.

Evan Williams: The Challenges of a Web of Infinite Info: Tech News and Analysis «

Completely agree. This is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to figure out. 

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And this is why I think the Tumblr community is so valuable. You guys go out there and find all the stuff you think is worth someone reading. After that, all I need to do is go out and find you.

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This deja vu completely floored me. This is the EXACT same discussion that went on pre-Google in the 90s. Yes there were other search engine’s but Google took it to a completely new level. I expect a truly social relevance search tool will emerge…or is it Facebook and @Ev doesn’t want to admit that? 

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The NYT page is like walking into a library, while the HuffPo page is like walking through Times Square.

Felix Salmon weighing in on the HuffPost-AOL merger deal in his piece, “Why the NYT will lose to HuffPo.”  

Fellow member ‘20’ member Anthony DeRosa says he’s not sure if he agrees.

My take: The driving force behind HuffPo’s success is the comments and feedback from readers, who send it along and add their own voices and thoughts on the topic. Although the Times site allows comments, it’s not as open or available.  Despite being run and named after an extremely rich female, HuffPo is the true populist news site —and the reason why, I agree with Salmon, it will topple the Old Gray Lady.  


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I’m not sure I represent the majority of people since I never go to Huffington Post, despite the fact they’re one of the most frequently trafficked websites on the Internet.

I think the above comment by Felix is spot on, and is exactly why I avoid HuffPo like the plague. I work in Times Square and try to escape from it as quickly as possible. I do agree with Felix’s point that I don’t navigate around the NYT. I go there because I’m directed to single articles. I read the article and leave and wind up coming back many more times to read other single articles, but never seem to be led down a path from one story to another by the Times itself. 

But does the sensory overkill on HuffPo work? The numbers speak for themselves. They get a ton of traffic and they’re profitable. Peter Feld defended the fact that people slam HuffPo for having 3,000+ unpaid bloggers. According to what I’ve heard, the paid staff is somewhere around 60 people.

Peter does make a solid point that we here on Tumblr are very much like that staff of 3,000 unpaid bloggers. When’s the last time Tumblr sent you a check for the billions of pageviews they received last month?

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I’m fascinated with how “traditional” media industries - newspaper/magazine/publishing, music, TV/movies, web 1.0 (AOL, MSN, Yahoo!, Google) - are thinking about and REACTING TO the emergence of social media integrated apps, games, business, sites, etc. like The Huffington Post, Zynga games, Tumblr, etc.

It’s still strikes me as we approach nearly 20 years of digital that the media companies usual reactions follows a cyclical pattern of disfunction:

1. Dismissal,

2. Ignoring early signs of success,

3. Looking for & latching onto the “me too” silver bullet gadget/retread business model,

4. Taking a half/wrong steps (e.g. DRM, paywalls, magazine/newspaper iPad apps), 

5. Continuing their methodical death march towards obsolescence hoping their half/wrong steps will work,

6. Going back to step 1 when the next digital innovation occurs.

Influential VC’s and tumblr users Fred-Wilson and Bijan Sabet had interesting posts about music/movie piracy and their frustration at trying to buy content and not being able to because of backasswards attitude/ineptitude of traditional media companies. 

Here’s the deal - while there will always be a market for purchased entertainment and information (Broadway/West End theatre, physical/digital music copies, print/digital information), they will all increasingly become smaller and more niche industries. 

The challenge that has been obvious for well over a decade now: How should media companies best proactively plan, change, and innovate for inevitable massively disruptive technology advances? I’m talking about fundamental repositioning of their value proposition, what they do, how many people they employ, their revenue expectations, HOW CONTENT DEVELOPMENT IS FINANCED, and most importantly, how they create new valuable business models that are not retreads of what worked in the past while realizing that they may not be as BIG as record vinyl discs were in the 70s-80s or CDs in the 90s. All that’s over. 

Unfortunately, my up close experience and work within these industries has shown me that the delusional cycle continues…and continues.

Meanwhile the most innovative thoughts/leadership comes from smart musicians likeDavid Byrne and Radiohead’s Thom Yorke…or bloggers like Anthony De Rosa (SoupSoup).


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Apparently people on Tumblr really like David Bowie. It’s the most popular thing I’ve posted since my Brooklyn tornado video last September. THANKS everyone for the reblogs and likes.

Apparently people on Tumblr really like David Bowie. It’s the most popular thing I’ve posted since my Brooklyn tornado video last September. THANKS everyone for the reblogs and likes.

POYNTER: Journalists learn what works (& doesn’t work) on Tumblr
Tumblr. Breaking. Again.

Tumblr. Breaking. Again.

Tumblr Talking To Top VCs About An $800 Million+ Valuation

Sept 11th #DisasterPorn? No Thank You.

Dear MSM, bloggers, Tumblr-ers, social media types, etc,

Please stop pimping your Sept 11th #DisasterPorn with posts, video interviews, newly found photos, new releases of audio tapes, songs, daily hyped up news coverage, replays of that morning’s broadcast, pre-game extravaganzas, etc., etc.

You are #PIMPs of the worst kind…jacking up your views, ratings, clicks, etc. with NEW #DisasterPorn from that tragic event. 

Stop. It happened. It was horrible. You were there or you weren’t. You lost someone or you didn’t. It scared the hell out of you to varying degrees. It’s been 10 years now - we all remember. We carried on. And yes, it’s still painful. 

Instead of pimping out your #DisasterPorn whore fotos, stories, videos, blah, blah, blah, why not solemnly remember and honor the innocent people murdered in NYC, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania?…IN. A. DIGNIFIED. MANNER. Is that so hard?

Remember them by respecting their loved ones mourning their loss. Remember them during the memorial service by listening to all of the names and speeches. Take a moment of silence. Honor their lives by being with your loved ones. Remember them when you see “Towers of Lights” in NYC. Think about them and the profound loss of their loved ones. Post a photo of the NYC lights or of a memorial…from a respectful distance.  

And stop pimping your #DisasterPorn. 

Now eff off.


Is Tumblr still niche or is it mass? 

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#3 in time spent online!! I love you guys. :D

(via Nielsen’s Social Media Report: Q3 2011)

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ShortFormBlog: Tumblr scores another massive funding round, making them super-rich