Bikes @ Rapha Continental Opening, @RaphaNYC, 08.05.10

Bikes @ Rapha Continental Opening, @RaphaNYC, 08.05.10

Sketch book detail of a bird @ Rapha Continental Opening, @RaphaNYC, 08.05.10

Sketch book detail of a bird @ Rapha Continental Opening, @RaphaNYC, 08.05.10

Piers North Portrait @ Rapha Continental Opening, @RaphaNYC, 08.05.10

Piers North Portrait @ Rapha Continental Opening, @RaphaNYC, 08.05.10


2011 Tour of California — Intro from RAPHA on Vimeo.

As usual, beautifully shot cycling video from Rapha as a promo for their new cycling gear (which is dope) and the Tour of California. 

I have to say I’m way more geeked up for the Giro because well…it’s da Giro…but I will follow the Tour of Cali.

As an aside, I was lucky to very briefly meet Tim Johnson @timjohnsoncx this Spring at an NYC Velo event. He seemed like a nice, down to earth guy which is always a good quality for the US National CX Champion. 

Money quote: “With a road team, there’s a whole lot less having fun.”


Rapha Continental – The Movie from RAPHA on Vimeo.

"I will suffer like a dog, but I couldn’t be looking forward to almost anything more."

"I feel like I’m my purest sense of myself when I’m riding."

That’s cycling for me…and why I love riding my bike…


Alex Stieda - Canadian, Not American. First North American to wear the maillot jaune at the TDF. #SeriousBadass

Thanks Rapha for a great video and a fantastic bit of history telling. This is one of your best yet. Kudos!


The Rapha Continental. Tohoku, Japan

"Katana is of course made to cut but it is hardly ever used. It’s a symbol of protection and definitely an art. That’s why it must be perfect." 

This is just so perfect.

There’s a little bit about cycling & Rapha’s gear. But it’s more about the sustained beauty of Japan, it’s people, and their craftsmanship…in this case of Katana.

And it’s about perseverance, renewal, and life.

Kudos to the Rapha team. Got to meet some of the N.A. team at #CrossVegas this week and they’re were great. 



Winter bike, boots on the ground. Mine for the next few months…a Pereira Cycles Continental. Yes, THAT Continental - one of the original Rapha bikes. Daniel at Manual For Speed is letting me ride it in the most heinous conditions possible. Whattastud. 

It rides…well, it rides damn well. As expected.  


(Source: thelocalsarepainting)


A ride with Greg LeMond.

Are you kidding me? I saw this in my inbox a few days ago but I couldn’t get to it until now…and I about died. So jealous of the riders that visited and rode with the greatest U.S. cyclist ever. 

He moves slightly out of the group to the left and into the road and puts the slightest bit of pressure onto his pedals. And he does all of it in one fluid motion. His back arches which causes him to slightly shift himself forward onto the bike until he is almost hunched over the front end of the bike. That’s when I see it. When we all see it.
Kudos to Jeremy Dunn @theathletic on his write up of the “A Ride with Greg LeMond” - It’s better than the video. Read it. NOW.